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Chord Gitar

Chord Kunci Gitar Intro III Pamungkas

Chord kunci gitar Intro III Pamungkas: G C You bent and broke my life G C Twice as hard as how I like

Chord Kunci Gitar Intro III Pamungkas

TRIBUNJATENG.COM - Chord kunci gitar Intro III Pamungkas:

G                       C
You bent and broke my life
G                       C
Twice as hard as how I like
Oh, well hello again, my friend
It's been a long time comin'
Do you remember me?
Do you remember me?
G                         C
I'm sure you heard about me
G                         C
About what happened to my knees
           D               C
It's been a very long walk I'm in
           D               C
But yes I got that dream for me
Do you remember that?
That I'd say I'd walk my talk
                    D                 C
(Hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger)
          D                    C
(Absence makes your heart grow fonder)
And I have been away too long
Since I'm over it and I moved on
     D                C         G
Onto better things in life, I'm free
Am                        Bm
But for one last time I'm checkin' out
Before I'm checkin' out
Am                D
And for one last time
(Do you remember me?)


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