Kunci Jawaban

Kunci Jawaban Kelas 9 SMP Bahasa Inggris Halaman 196 197 198 Chapter 10

Kunci Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP Halaman 196 197 198 Chapter 10, Collecting Information

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3. Badminton Lessons

3. Badminton Lessons

Goods/services * Badminton lessons
Varieties For SD and SMP students
Price IDR 250,000/month
Time/Place Gorontalo Sports Centre
Contact number/email adress Syaiful, 0865345672
Selling points/promoting words - 1 month free for the first 100 applicants
- Professional trainers with real experience as winners
- Free shuttlecocks.

* Cross the one that does not refer to the object promoted (Coret yang tidak perlu)

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