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Latihan Soal Ulangan PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTS Pilihan Ganda

Berikut latihan soal ulangan Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) atau Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTS semester ganjil.

Latihan soal ulangan PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTS pilihan ganda 

A. Buy
B. Come
C. Disagree
D. Agree

12. Dimas : I need a glass of ice t ea.
Adit : It’s breakfast t ime, a glass of milk is bett er for you.
Dimas : Ok...............

A. I agree wit h you
B. I t hink so
C. I don’t like it
D. Sorry, I dissagree

13. Lukman : Congratulations Tanjul, Finally you can be the winner in this contest.
Tanjul: Thanks Lukman.
Lukman congrat ulat es Tanjul because...........

A. He has a new job
B. He wins in a compet it ion
C. He get the best score
D. He has new house

14. Mr. Odi: P ut ri, this is your t est paper, you get the excellent score
Putri: Is it right, sir?
Mr. Ody : Yes, ...........................

A. You’re lucky t o win the cont est
B. I’m surprised on your success
C. Congrat ulat ions
D. You’re the winner

15. Ayu: Wow, ................................ You look so beaut iful.
Ami: Thank you, this dress is from my mother.

A. What a beaut iful girl
B. This suit s you well
C. I like your style
D. What a charming dress

16. Sinta: Amel, Do you know, Andini won the Match competition yesterday?
Amel : O yeah? .......................
Sinta: Yes, she is so smart amel

A. What a smart girl
B. What a creative girl
C. What a charming girl
D. What a good girl

17. Gina: Fit , I’m so hungry, let ’s go to cant een wit h me.
Fitri:: .................... I have something else to do know.
Gina: It’s ok, no problem.

A. Thank you
B. Of course
C. I like it
D. I am sorry

18. Vicky: Would you like t o come to my sist er’s wedding party next Sunday Mr. Jones?
Mr. Jones: That ’s very kind of you, but I don’t t hink I can. Have a nice party.
The underlined expression is used for ........

A. Inviting people
B. Asking for informat ion
C. Introducing people
D. Asking people to do things

Read the textand answer questions 19 to 23

I have a papaya plant. It grows at the front yard. The papaya tree is tall, about three meters high. It has no branch es. The steam is soft and weak because it has the flimsy wood and a hollowcenter. The leaves emerge directly from the upper part of the stem in a spiral fashion.

I like to harvest the lower most papaya fruit. The oldest, mature fruit is the lowest one, and the youngest the upper most one. The ripe fruit has yellow skin. The flesh is bright orange orpinkish, with small black seeds clustered in the center

19. What is the purpose of the t ext?

A. To amuse the reader
B. To tell the past experience
C. To tell how to do something
D. To describe something

20. Why is the stem of the papaya tree soft and weak? Because.................

A. It has flimsy wood and a hollow cent er
B. It has no branches
C. It s leaves emerge from t he upper part of the st em
D. It is very t all

21. What are clust ered in t he center of the papaya fruit ?

A. Fresh water
B. The flesh of the papaya fruit .
C. Big seeds of t he papaya
D. Small black seeds of the papaya.

22. “................. flimsy wood and a hollow cent er.” (Paragraph 1)
T he word ‘flimsy’ has the similar meaning wit h................

A. Hard
B. Thick
C. Soft
D. Long

23. “The papaya tree is tall” (P aragraph 1) t he word ‘tall’ has t he opposit e meaning with...............

A. Small
B. High
C. Wide
D. Short

Read the text to answer questions 24-28

Mr. And Mrs. Charles were on a tour to Europe. They were travelling on a guided tour to fivecountries. They were going to travel through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and France for two weeks. The guide for the tour was a Swiss.

On the first day of the travel the guide told them to check their passports, their traveller cheques and their foreign cash. He told them to keep them safety .

They traveled in a comfortable coach with a toilet, music and video. The guide stopped the coach at many famous places. He explained the cultural importance of the places. They stayed in big hotels for the night and ate in the restaurants.

On the way , they stopp d at a small restaurant for lunch. In big towns, they went for shopping. They bought many souvenirs for their friends. They enjoyed the two-week tour tremendously .

24. The text is about.................

A. Travelling
B. Shopping
C. Tracking
D. Visit ing

25. Where did they go?

A. Netherlands
B. Europe
C. Australia
D. America

26. "..........At many famous places"
The underlined word has t he synonym with .........

A. Good
B. Ugly
C. Popular
D. Bad

27. ‘He explained the cultural importance of the place’ (Paragraph 3) The word ‘He’ refers to........................

A. Mr. Charles
B. Mrs. Charles
C. Thir friends
D. The guide

28. “They enjoyed the twoo-week tour tremendously” (Last Paragraph)
The underlined word has t he same meaning as.......................

A. Got bored with
B. Got pleasure from
C. Became addicted to
D. Became amazed at

Read the text to answer questions 29-31

Read the text to answer questions 29-31

29. When will Fernando hold his party?

A. In the morning
B. In the midnight
C. In the evening
D. In t he aft ernoon

30. What should Farel do if he can’t come to the party?

A. T ell the rest aurant wait er
B. Confirm to Neyra a few days before
C. Send back Neyra’s invit at ion
D. Cont act Neyra’s parent s

31. Neyra will the party

A. White dress
B. White shirt
C. Red Shirt
D. T-Shirt

Read the text to answer questions 32-33

Dear fernando,
I will arrive at home about seven p.m and your father will arive about six p.m.
Take care at hom e and don’t forget to turn on the lam p.
Love, Mom

32. Who write the message?

A. Fernando
B. Fernando’s mot her
C. Fernando’s father
D. Fernando’s sist er

33. Who will arrive earlier at home?

A. Fernando
B. Fernando’s mother
C. Fernando’s father
D. Fernando’s sister

34. What must Fernando do at home?

A. Come earlier
B. Arrive at home about five p.m
C. Turn on the lamp
D. Key t he door

For questions 35 to 37 choose the suitable word to complete the text below!

Lion is .......... It belongs to .......... animal, but some of people like it.We can see lions in the..............

35. A. Herbivore
B. Tame
C. Pet
D. Carnivore

36. A. Tame
B. Pet
C. Insect
D. Wild

37. A. Zoo
B. Pet shop
C. Garden
D. Backyard



39. Fadil and Rajat a......... their holiday together

A. spends
B. spent
C. are spending
D. to spend

40. Re-arrange the jumbled sent ences below into good paragraph!
1. After that we mopped the floor using a mopping cloth
2. Everyt hing looked nice
3. In the morning, I swept the whole room in the house
4. Last Sunday, I didn’t go t o school
5. I finished wit h the cleaning almost at 12 o’clock
6. So I st ayed at home and I did t he cleaning at my house
The best arrangement of t he sent ence above is.....

A. 3–6–1–4–5–2
B. 4–6–3–1–5–2
C. 2–4–6–3–1–5
D. 5–3–6–4–1–2

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